Jim opened his first solo show in The Harbour Bar, Downings, Co. Donegal, Ireland, in 2004. In this same year his work formed part of a collective exhibition at The Glebe Gallery, Churchill, on the site of Derek Hill’s house and grounds.

Errigal Arts Festival 2006 featured Jim’s painting in the Fleadh Ceoil international traditional music festival. Ramelton “Awash With Colour” at the Greer gallery featured Jim in a group show 2007, along with Clooney gallery Sligo. The Workhouse, Dunfanaghy in 2008 was host to Jim’s next solo show, and also the Framemasters, Letterkenny that year, with the RNLI Arts exhibition, Greencastle.

In 2009 Jim was invited to make a large-scale outdoor sculpture work by local group An Cosan Glas, making environmental installation art on a beach out of bamboo, willow, paper, PVA glue, LED lights and car batteries. The sculptures were illuminated at the fall of dusk and over 3,000 people viewed the entire installation over two nights at the close of the Errigal Arts Festival. This was to be repeated every year up till 2015 and Jim is still a member of the group. The show also tours to local county town Letterkenny where it is hosted in a local park.

A further solo exhibition in The Workhouse, Dunfanaghy in 2010 was a complete sell-out in the first week and saw an Arizona art dealer buy 9 of Jim’s originals over the phone.

In the Fall 2013, things got all shook up. Jim trained for and completed the Dublin marathon and a new conceptual work was born, surfacing at first as a present for his brother’s 50th birthday.

Steamy Windows was a departure in medium, message, and manifesto. Drawn on the condensation on his kitchen window with only his finger, it’s ephemera of light and water vapour depend on careful camera positioning and is captured digitally for limited edition print. There is NO original, as the image evaporates after a few seconds, therefore each reproduction carries more weight.

My work would be classed as an ‘Environmental’ Artist, Creating images on the condensation of my window. These are then photographed and printed on to panama cotton which are 100% Eco friendly. The inks used are natural vegetable inks, the work is then hand finished to create a one off unique image.

The camera is the only visual record of what I do. Seconds later there is nothing but vapor and light, as my work fades once again on my window.

Proof that all and artist needs is imagination to be creative, my work is not Photoshopped, the difference between each piece of work is down to the light, weather, and time of day…nothing else. I believe this purity in my artwork is what distinguishes me from other artists.